NCC: Sledgehammer Falls on Nine while One Escapes Sanction

The National Communication Council (NCC) has suspended some media organs and persons following the disrespect of deontology and ethics.

The decisions were arrived at during the Council’s 29th Ordinary Session on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Media Organs / Persons Sanctioned

The Publisher of “Le Point Hebdo” and one of his reporters, Gilbert Mebe Atangana were given a one-month suspension for disrespecting the Minsiter of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, Gabriel Dodo Ndoke.

On their part, the Publisher of “Le Miroir” and one of his Journalists, Jean de Dieu Shonkap were both slammed a one-month suspension for contempt against the Director General of CAMWATER, Gervais Bolenga.

As concerns the case between the former Government Delegate of Yaounde, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna and the press organ “l’Epervier”, the interim Publisher and a Journalist, Louis Didier Bayiha were given a three-month suspension.

At “Essingan”, the Publisher, Marie Robert Eloundou and a Journalist, Leger Ntiga were both suspended for a month for disrespecting the Deputy Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CPDM Party, Gregoire Owona.

The Publisher of “La Cloche Hebdo”, Pierre Mare Mengue bagged a warning letter meanwhile one of his Journalists, Nestor Nsomoto was suspended for three months for contempt against the National Cocoa and Coffee Board.

The NCC also filed its own complaint against “Galaxy FM” for tainting the image of the forces of law and order and education and health officials during a programme, “La Table du Verité”. Theophile Roger Boulom, Presenter of the programme, received a three-month suspension.

After a complaint by the NCC against the Presenter of “Les Chroniques de Sismondi” on “RIS FM”, Sismondi Barlev Bidjocka, he was slammed a three-month suspension for contempt against the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic.

Publisher of “La Nouvelle”, Jacques Blaise Mvie and one of his Journalists, Charles Nwe were both slammed a one-month suspension for contempt against the Director General of Gulfin ST&Co, Rene Mbayen.

Telecommunications Tussle Resolved

The Ambassador of France to Cameroon, H.E. Christophe Guilhou placed a complaint against cable distributor, Creolink Communications for unauthorised retransmission of some channels from France Television. The National Communication Council issued a warning letter to the Director General of Creolink Communications, called for the suspension of the signal retransmission and exhorted Creolink Communications to follow regulations before retransmitting France Television channels.

One Media Organ Acquitted

The complaint presented by the Director General of CIMENCAM, Benoit Galichet against the press organ, “La Missive” was declared as unfounded since the media organ according to the NCC, did not commit any professional mistake.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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