2021 AFCON: Faces behind the Theme song and Mascot

The relentless efforts of the juries charged with the selection of the Mascot and the Anthem for the 2021 AFCON to be hosted by Cameroon in 2022 produced best results according to reports from the two evaluation groups and the opinion of the general public through online voting.

Young Cameroonian, Fonkoua Felix with his Mascot Z coded AA54 won hearts of the jury and the voters while the song “Fou de Foot” a conception of the group “Africa Smile” with Nsta Roland Julien as the coordinator registered highest votes as opposed to the two others.

Fonkoua Felix was amongst the initial thirty-five contestants who registered up the competition. He finally featured on the best three proposals shortlisted by a jury of experts headed by Professor Jean Tabi Manga.

His work that stood out presents a “Baby lion” (cub) clothe in green, red and yellow with a yellow star on the head, colours of the flag of the Republic of Cameroon registered 22 of the forty points to win the first position.

At the second position, the mascot code named Y came at the second position with 21.67 points, a production of Dissake Dissake Bryan Thomas

Mascot X proposed by Mbong Ruffin Valery could produced just 17.6 of the points on 40 and occupying the third and the last position.

The mascot named “Mola” comes after “Tara” mascot for the 2020 CHAN and “Lilly” for the 2016 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations, all hosted by Cameroon

Mola”; the Significance it bears

Mola is patrimonial name used in the South West and Littoral Regions of Cameroon .

According to Professor Jean Tabi Manga, Mola is a convivial name for a friend, a cousin, a neighbour, a closed relation amongst many others.

Mola is a symbol of fraternity and living together. The name Mola also means generosity and hospitality of Cameroon in all domains.

The proposed Mascot will be forwarded to the continental football powerhouse, CAF for an appraisal and a final decision.

On the other hand, the proposed theme song is ” Fou de foot” a song written and sang by a group of eighteen members under the name “Africa Smile”.

The anthem was grabbed 86.31 % of the votes over two others while renowned artistes George Seba and Grace Bethel were voted at the second position.

Nsta Roland Julien, the coordinator of ” Africa Smile” says the song presents football as the most power and unifying factor of the ten regions of Cameroon.

“Fou de Foot” celebrates Cameroon and her glories in football and assembles the football lovers, supporters and spectators to cheer up African football and her legends.

The group of eighteen has ten teenage singers and eight singers and songwriters all dressed in the North West traditional regalia fondly called “Toghu”.

The song will be sent to CAF in the near future for a final review.

Benly Anchunda

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