Cameroon International Cycling Tour: Burkina Faso’s Paul Daumont Champions Day 2

Burkina Faso cyclist, Paul Daumont is winner of the second lap of the on going Cameroon International Cycling Tour.

The very competitive rider completed the race from Ntui to Ombessa, 112kmin the Centre region in 2h49m53s.

Paul Daumont is clearly the athlete to watch out for in the race.

He won three different laps of the Benin International Cycling Tour,and was crowned winner at the end.

Paul Daumont, Cameroon International Cycling Tour

He was also the winner of the fifth and last lap of the Chantal Biya Grand Prix which took place in November last year.

Paul Daumont despite his second lap win is ranked 14th on the general classification with a total race time of 5h58m08s.

The Burkina Faso cyclist said his objective is to move to the top of the classification by the end of the race.

His poor performance on Day one, might just wash away his dream of wearing the prestigious yellow jersey.

Andreev Yordan, Cameroon International Cycling Tour

Andreev Yordan, Day 1 winner still ranks as overall best in the competition with a total race time of 5h49m54s.

He came fifth position, nineteen seconds late behind Paul Daumont, with the race time of 2h50m12s.

The Bulgarian, cycling for the French club Martigue Cyclsme Sports says he still has six more chances to prove himself in order to retain the yellow jersey.

Day 3

The 17th edition of the Cameroon International Cycling Tour continues this Monday 31 May 2021.

The race will cut across two regions, from Bangangté in the West to Nkongsamba in Littoral, covering a distance of 98.5km, being the shortest stretch of the race.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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