CAMMOB 2020: Numerous Products and Services on Offer

The exhibition grounds hosting the 20th anniversary of the existence of mobile telephone networks in Cameroon dubbed CAMMOB 2020, paints a clear picture of the diversity of offers in the country.

Upon arrival at the exhibition grounds situated in one of the hallways of the Yaounde Hilton Hotel, one is welcomed by flyers and posters announcing various products and services.

Products on exhibition include android and non-android phones, internet modems, routers and decoders amongst others.

The products may look similar but the exhibitors say the difference is clear as each product functions according to how it was programmed.

As concerns services, there are many: from private operators in the telecommunications sector to Government corporations.

These companies have posters and flyers which outline their offers in the mobile telephone world.

Conferences at CAMMOB 2020

Panel discussions are also on the agenda at CAMMOB 2020.

While exhibition stands are spread out in the hallway, a special hall has been dedicated to conferences throughout the three-day CAMMOB 2020.

This Tuesday May 18, 2020, one of the panel discussions that caught the attention of many was that on regulating the mobile telephone sector and the fight against cyber criminality.

The President of this panel was Prof Mathias Owona Nguini and the Rapporteur, Dr George Ewane.

Nine persons were to intervene during this panel including the Director General of the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), represented by the Interim Director of the New Media Division of the CRTV, Elvis Mbimba.

CRTV’s input centred on developing fact-checking tools in order to stop the propagation of fake news.

CAMMOB 2020 is scheduled to end tomorrow, May 19, 2021.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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