Douala Economic Forum: Creating a platform for economic growth

Development partners from the university milieu, the government and local development partners will anticipate and create on paper, a new Douala that meets the standards of a city, ten to twenty years from now.

This is at the First edition of the Douala  Economic Forum at the Douala Town Hall in Akwa  where  development  partners have begun  reflecting on projets that can help transform Douala into a modern city.

The three day event features Conférences, debates and exhibition stands that promote the made in Cameroun brand.

The forum’s coordinator, Olivier Kingue Molli made it clear at the opening ceremony this Monday 24, May 2021 that the main objective of the Douala Economic forum is to speed up the development process of the town.

Emphasis will be on the occupation of public space, the stakes and challenges, the problem of urban transportation and decentralisation.

Tackling the Transport Sector

The Douala Economic Forum seeks to ameliorate the transport system in the Littoral’s capital.

Transport Trade Union leaders we f the region held talks with concerned partners to see how intra urban transport can be made more fluid and modern.

Pierre Mebengue Elanga, President of the Transport Trade Union said the idea is to bring together different trade unions, put together ideas and pick out outstanding ones that can improve the transport network in Douala.

The transport network in Douala is presently choked up with a lot of uncivil and amateurism.

Trade unions will embark on educating their members on what it will take for better change to be implemented in order for traffic to become fluid and modern in the economic capital.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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