#Ramadan2021: A resounding message of peace

The muslim community in Cameroon have joined their faithfuls the world over to observe the feast of the Ramadan through traditional morning prayers that culminated with calls for the preservation of peace and harmonious living together.

At the Yaounde Central Mosque thousands of muslim faithfuls braved the early rains and answered present for the morning prayers in family and in their best attires.

By 8 a.m this Thursday, May 13, 2021 observed as the end of the long month of fasting which is celebrated as the feast of the Ramadan, thousands of muslim faithfuls were already at the courtyard of the mosque with everyone wearing a face mask.

The presiding Imam, Sheikh Imam Mohaman Saminou exhorted the faithfuls to strengthen their faith in Allah because he is the greatest, one who cherishes peace and loves his followers.

“We addressed our prayers to Allah to intercede and let peace reign in Cameroon. We called for harmony and the power of God to guide us all, muslim and non-muslims. Our youths have to put God as a point of reference in their hearts because a community that lives together is binded by love”, Sheikh Imam Mohaman Saminou of the Yaounde Central Mosque.

The hundreds of persons of different age groups carried on with the traditional prayers while highlighting love and peace in every prayer coordinated by the Imam.

Sheikh Oumarou Malam one of the Imams at the central mosque located at the Briquitterie neighbourhood, resounded a message of peace which he believes is the midway of a happy living community

“The preservation of peace in our homes, society, Cameroon and the world at large is our message this time. We asked our faithfuls to carry on with charitable acts in accordance with the Quran….” Sheihk Oumarou Malam.

After an hour in prayers and meditations, the happy looking faithfuls shared love with each other while others took pictures before taking off to their homes and neighbourhoods where the celebrations continue.

Benly Anchunda

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