World Press Freedom Day: A Rigorous Call Made for Ethical Journalism

The Cameroonian pressmen in their quest for greater freedom in practicing their profession, have been urged to review the ethics of the career in order contribute in good governance of the country.

This is just one of the many messages passed across to media persons as they came together in different regions to commemorate this years day under the theme “Information as a Public Good.”

A team of communication experts put comprising Media experts, Mediation and Citizenship association schooled reporters on the importance of being objective in the profession during a round table confère organized at the Yaounde Advanced School of Mass Communications.

Focus on Political Reporting

Communication expert, Prof Laurent Charles Boyomo Assala in his presentation insisted that every reporter must be apolitical in order to not be biased in the process of news treatment.

“Search to look for what is rational amidst a chaos of misinformation, Journalists should endeavor to be factual.
They are the proprietors of their own work and must have no leanings or affiliations to their reporting.”

The Vice President of the association, Kini Nsom said the choice of focusing on political reporting on a day as such is to raise awareness of biases in the journalism core.

He raised the worry of political news in newspapers and broadcasts houses that publish regularly.

Mr. Nsom called out journalists who throw away their morals for goods and freebies.

During the session, journalists also expressed their concerns on information hoarding by the government and some organizations of the private sector.

They said their work is made even more difficult when government is tight lipped about current affairs.

They say this leaves most of them to rely on social media sources which does not go in line with their professional ethics.

Journalists wish the government will be more open in giving factual information.

World Press Freedom Day: Freedom to Journalists

Many pressmen seized the day to advocate for more freedom in their practice.

The publisher of the lone English daily paper, “The Guardian Post,” Ngah Christian said many journalists are afraid to write objectively because of some laws.

He added that many, like him, have turned to self censorship in order to avoid repression.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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