AFCON 2021: Security Services Simulate Rescue and Evacuation Missions

A huge deployment of security services stunned onlookers at the Nlongkak neighbourhood in Yaounde who witnessed how the Elite Units of the police and Gendarmerie neutralised two armed suspects. The Fire Brigade quickly intervened to evacuate victims backed by civil protections agents and the Red Cross. Everything seemed so real until officials explained that it was a simulation carried out by the specialised services to prevent any eventualities during the African Cup of Nations AFCON2021 to be hosted by Cameroon.

In the build up to the African Cup of Nations, Cameroon is upgrading its security protocol and fine tuning it’s response to eventualities. Uniformed officers and civilian personnel have rehearsed their skills after two weeks of training on how to swiftly and efficiently respond in cases of a terrorist attack in a public building.

According to the scenario, two armed men opened fire in a hotel and took hostages. The tactical Units of the Police and Gendarmerie intervene promptly, clearing the threats and securing the zone. Rescuers from the National Fire Brigade rushed to the scene to evacuate victims and provide first aid services. They are assisted by personnel of Civil Protection and the Red Cross.

Colonel Dr Mirreille Mpoudi Ngolle, Incident Management at the National Fire Brigade explained that victims are taken to a safe place where selection is done based on severity. The severe cases are evacuated to hospitals while mild cases are given first treatment on the spot before eventual transportation to specialised health facilities.

The head of the emergency command post set up to manage the incident, Col. Kadady explained that officers in charge of intelligence, logistics, anticipation and command ensured an efficient management of the crisis situation and also established a situational report on the incident.

The simulation was organised to enhance inter-service cooperation, rapid intervention and mastering of the role of different actors in the process, The Chief of Staff at the National Fire Brigade Colonel Martin Mbara said while evaluating the operation.

Speaking on behalf of the Commander of the National Fire Brigade, the Chief of Staff explained that similar simulation exercises will be organised in all the host cities of the Africa Cup of Nations before the start of the continental football jamboree.

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