CNRPH : Rehabilitation Centre celebrates Golden Jubilee

The Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for the Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in Cameroon’s Capital, Yaounde is 50 years old.

Officials of the institution organized a press conference on June 3, 2020 in Yaounde to announce week-long commemorative activities to take place from June 14-19.

Among the activities are sensitization campaigns, educative talks on incapacitating illnesses, artistic exhibitions, ecumenical service and medical consultations to take place from June 14-18.

A special fundraising Gala evening is billed for Saturday June 19, intended to raise funds for the purchase of basic raw materials to produce equipment for 1000 persons with disabilities. The equipment will be freely given out to 500 physically challenged persons, 300 deaf and 209 visually impaired persons within five years.

CNRPH services

The Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for the Rehabilitation was created to provide four basic services to persons living with disabilities; medical and paramedical care, education and psychological follow-up, special and inclusive primary school alongside seven professional training workshops and social insertion of former patients and learners.

Alexandre Manga, Director the institution says the institution was created to “contribute to the implementation of government policy in the provision of holistic care, rehabilitation and social reinsertion of persons with disabilities and their families”.

10-year achievements

In the last 10 years, CNRPH has recorded groundbreaking achievements including;

-110,321 persons with disabilities consulted in the centre
-2,519 beneficiaries of Orthopedic and Traumatological surgery
-3,639 beneficiaries of support and psychological follow-up
-8,236 equipment and movement accessories manufactured to improve mobility of beneficiaries
-1,811 pupils have benefited from inclusive education
-580 persons with disabilities have been trained in accessible jobs
-397 beneficiaries from varied forms of support from the center.

Cardinal Paul Emile Leger Rehabilitation Centre

The center was created in 1971 by Cardinal Paul Emile Leger of Canadian nationality, in 1971 to provide care to children suffering from poliomyelitis.

It was inaugurated on January 15, 1972 with a the status of a private social organization called “ Centre for the Reeducation of the handicapped of Yaounde (CRHY).
In 2009, a Presidential decree number N2009/096 of March 16 renamed the Cardinal Paul Emile Leger National Centre for the Rehabilitation of Persons with disabilities (CNRPH).

Kathy Neba Sina

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