National Decentralisation Board Meets: Level of Implementation of Regional Councils evaluated

Members of the National decentralisation Board have met for their first session for the year 2021. The session was chaired by the Chairman of the Board, Prime Minister – Heard of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute.

Three key presentations marked the session, that of the Minister of Finance, the Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development as well as that of the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development. Each of the Ministers outlined grounds covered and level of transfer of competences to local authorities.

The level of progress made and difficulties encountered in setting up of Regional Councils featured prominently in the deliberations.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute invited stakeholders to intensify efforts towards ensuring smooth functioning of Regional Councils.

The National Decentralisation Board is the offspring of the law no 2019/024 of December 2019 to institute the General Code of Regional and Local Authorities. The board is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of decentralisation in Cameroon.

The board is comprised of members of Government, members of Parliament, Representatives of the Social and Economic Council, representatives of Local Authorities and of the civil society.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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