Parliament: Budgetary Orientation Debate and Children’s Parliament to Mark June

The second ordinary session of parliament opens this Tuesday June 8, 2021 at the National Assembly and the Senate.

Both law making institutions will meet at their respective House chambers at Yaoundé Conference for the first time since the Passing away of Vice Speaker of the National Assembly, Honourable Emilia Mojowa LIfaka and the Eldest Member of the Senate Nfon Victor Mukete.

The opening plenary will be a solemn event chaired by the Speaker of the National Assembly and the President of the Senate at 11 am and 4pm respectively. Both events are generally attended by state dignitaries lead by the Prime Minister – Head of Government.

The session that will last for one month will be expected to scrutinise government actions, examine and adopt bills that will be tabled during the session.
According to the agenda at the General Secretariat of the National Assembly four key moments will make the June session:

– The Debate on the Orientation of the Budget

– Children’s Parliament

– Special Plenary Sitting on the following issues of National Interest

– Exchanges and briefing sessions for General committees

The Debate on the Orientation of the Budget

Debate on the Orientation of the Budget has been recent years become a tradition. During the debate, the Minister of Finance presents the various axes on which the next year’s budget will be elaborated and allows lawmakers to pose questions on government’s priorities. The debate general ends with a recommendation from parliament on the budget.
The session will also be examined to examine and adopt the bill on the presidential ordinance to amend the 2020 finance bill.

Children’s Parliament

One of the major innovations of the June session is the Children’s Parliament that shall take place in a hybrid format. According to the dispensation, Junior Members of the National Assembly from the Centre Region shall be physically present in the House Chamber while their counterparts from the other nine regions shall join them by videoconference from the regional headquarters.

Special Plenary sitting on the following issues of National Interest

The session is also expected to examine;

– The socio-economic and political stakes of the issue of the land tenure in Cameroon and its legislative perspectives

– Advocacy on the improvement of legal instrument on child protection in Cameroon the issue of access to electricity and water

– Exchanges and briefing sessions for General committees

The June session of parliament will also feature committees meetings. At the National Assembly five General committees shall be involved. During the sessions Members of Government will be invited to talk to Committee members about Government policy in their respective sphere of operation.

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