TotalAFCON2021: Minister makes ground breaking declarations

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, President of the Local Organising Committee of the 2021 AFCON, COCAN, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi says any attempt to discredit Cameroon’s level of preparedness as host of the upcoming football tournament is an act of bad faith and conspiracy.

Cameroon’s sports man faced the local and international press at the conference room of the Olembe Stadium sometime after making a tour and an assessment of the ongoing construction works at the modern football facility.

The Minister and his close collaborators have been carrying out weekly visits to the world class Olembe football structure that is gradually but surely taking shape of an Olympic city.

Concerning the presser, the Minister said it important for the government to come out clear and state the facts as they should be at a time when enemies of Cameroon are using the social media to spread false rumours on Cameroon’s ability to host the upcoming continental football tournament.

Some of the main declarations from the over one hour press outing of the Minister of Sports were as follows;

# On March 30, 2021 CAF decided to host the Draw of the 2021 AFCON in Cameroon and on June 25, 2021. On June 2, 2021 in a Video Conferencing presided over by CAF SG Veron Mosengo Omba in collaboration with his Deputy, the Director of Tournaments and close collaborators, COCAN members, the continental football hub, CAF called up the draw ceremony.

# The decision to postpone the Draw event came up with good intentions.CAF argued that this will give enough time for a grandiose event. Any further information on this is incoherent, inconsistent and unfounded, the Minister stated.

# Cameroon was ready to host the AFCON Draw on June 25, 2021 in accordance with CAF’s specifications in collaboration with FIFA, and in a virtue of good relations between Cameroon and the African football powerhouse, the event was called up for the interest of the host country and for the ceremony the carry the weight it deserves.

# The Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex has played host to the draw events of the 2016 African Women’s African Cup of Nations, the 2020 CHAN amongst many others. COCAN presented the qualitative and quantitative aspects of preparations to the CAF; the scenario of the ceremony, the esthetics, the sample Mascot,the theme song , flight logs and a plan of the travel arrangements of the delegates.

#The Minister said, the press briefing comes at a time when Cameroon possess quality and quantitative sporting, lodging, health and communication facilities. Any negative campaign against Cameroon is not in line with reality. Some persons have gone to an extend of citing friends of Cameroon and their alleged readiness to host our AFCON.

# To Minister Narcisse Mouelle Kombi, The 2021 African Cup of Nations is a sovereign gift of prestige to Cameroon.

# The African Cup of Nations come to Cameroon to consolidate our leadership and space in hosting international sporting events. Cameroon hosted one of the best CHAN tournaments in history, the ongoing Senior Women’s Handball AFCON is another reference, the just ended 17th edition of the Cameroon International Cycling tour amongst other events make Cameroon a reliable partner in sports, Minister added

# The president of the local organising committee stated, our country has 8 competition stadia instead of 6, and 27 training grounds instead of 18 as prescribed by CAF.These football facilities have played host to international and local matches hitch free. With all these, Cameroon is overboard in some of the domains of preparations ahead of the football bonanza.

# Five Stadiums; Japoma, Bepanda,Mfandena, Roumnde Adja and the Limbe Omnisports Stadium have been homologated by FIFA in line with the Qualifiers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Four of these football facilities served during the 2020 CHAN.

# Bafoussam Omnisports Stadium and the 60.000 seater Olembe football facility have all been approved by CAF.

# The Olembe Stadium is one of the world class football structures with a gigantic covet, and apart from the competition Stadium, it has two annex stadia, four star hotel, shopping center, cinema halls and facilities for collective sports that are well on course. These structures are not even CAF requirements but have been appreciated by CAF and FIFA

These and more were declarations of the Minister of Sports who elaborately presented Cameroon’s host potentials in terms of infrastructure, security, health and many more.

Earlier on, the presentative of the MAGIL construction company at the Olembe Sports Complex, Stephane Rosignol stated

“The Olembe Sports Complex will be handed over to Cameroon in November 2021. The main stadium is ready tp welcome a match. The lighting, sound system and the electrification processes will be completed by July ending. The dressing rooms are undergoing complete transformation, the two annex stadia have green turfs and some materials for other construction works outside the main stadium will be in Cameroon soon”.

Compiled by @anchunda_benly

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