Youth Parliament: COVID-19 Restricts Full Participation

The Youth Parliament opens this Wednesday June 16, 2021 in Yaoundé.

Due restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, only youth parliamentarians from the Centre region will be physically present to participate in the activities.

Since no grouping of more than fifty persons is permitted in a gathering, other youth parliamentarians will follow deliberations through video conferencing.

Over one hundred and eighty youth parliamentarians from ten different regions are expected to take part in the special plenary session either physically or virtually.

Objective of the Youth Parliament

The objectives of the programme are to strengthen the roots of Parliamentary democracy, inculcate healthy habits of discipline, develop tolerance of the views of others and to enable the youth community of Cameroon to know about the parliamentary system of government functioning.

Focus on this year’s session will be on what is being done to respect children’s rights by the various ministerial departments concerned.

The questions of socio-economic integration of young people, illiteracy, enlistment in terrorist activities and the patriotic commitment of young people, especially those in the 20-35 age group will be asked.

Members of government are also expected to give progress and or counsel to the young leaders on what their different offices are doing to ensure that youths have better opportunities.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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