2020/2021 Elite One and Two: Matches resume today

Day-10 action for pool B and Day-12 for pool A resumes this Wednesday, July 7 for division one championship dubbed Elite 1 while Elite two takes off with day-8 clashes to be fielded nationwide.

The Cameroon division one and two football matches are back to the pitches after over forty days without local football due to inhouse problems.

Pool A
Day-12 action
# Eding Sport Vs AS Fortuna
CAF Excellence Centre, Mbankomo

Yong Sport Academy Stadium, Bamenda

# Stade Renard – Fovu of Baham
Melong Municipal Stadium

# Avion of Nkam Vs Bamboutos Mbouda
Reunification Stadium Douala

Thursday, July 8, 2021

# Union of Douala Vs Djiko FC of Bandjoun
Bepanda Annex Stadium

Dragon of Douala is exempted on day-12 clashes

Pool B
Day-10 action
# Astre of Douala Vs Canon Sportif
Japoma Annex Stadium

#New Stars Vs Colombe FC
Japoma annex

# UMS Loum Vs Panthere of Nde


# Apejes Mfou Vs Coton Sport

League Two: Day-8 in view
Matches here will be fielded as from Friday, July 9, 2021 in stadia nationwide counting for match day-8

Pool A
# AS FAP Vs Ngaoundere FC
Omnisport Annex 1

# Fauve Azur Vs Stade FC Bertoua

# AS Matelots Vs Renaissance Ngoumou
Melong Municipal Stadium

# Dyanmo Fc Vs Racing of Bafoussam
Annex Bepanda

Pool B
# OFTA of Kribi Vs Foncha Street Bamenda
Afang-Mabe Municipal Stadium

# UNISPORT Vs Leopard Sportif Douala
Bamenddzi Stadium

Two clubs, Lion Blessé and Aigle Royale are exempted from the day-8 clashes in pool A and B respectively.

Benly Anchunda

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