Cybersecurity: A pioneer center created to train Cameroonians combat Cybercrimes

Cameroon now has an international center to train people on quality and meaningful professional secured solutions on cybercrimes and champion the fight against the growing phenomenon of cybercriminality in and out of the country.

The highly solicited initiative is a new born of a private security company named Essoka Security Corporation founded in 2016

The new department dubbed “Essoka Cybersecurity Division” (ECSD) was recently unveiled at the Bastos neighbourhood in Yaounde during a press conference.

The International Security Institution and Service Provider has as main target to help empower Cameroonians on securing their cyber spaces, scale down acts of criminality on the internet and ensure quality and integrity on Cameroon’s cyber space

The Chief Executive Officer of the Security company, Nsoh Joseph Musongong said Cameroon’s cyberspace cannot be secured without Cameroonians being part of the security solutions.

“Before today, it was my idea, but by putting out to the public, it becomes our issue…we need to brave it and contribute in our own little way in securing our space and actions in the cyberspace.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to information security issues of this era such as: Certified End user cybersecurity because the end user is the weakest link; Certified Professional Cybersecurity Education in Cameroon and across Africa; Certified Professional Cybersecurity Solutions by Certified/licensed professionals; Cybersecurity for Cameroon by Cameroonians; Cybersecurity for Africa by Africans,” the CEO added.

In all the presentations, the speakers insisted that the department can well serve its course only when Cameroonians are willing to join the caravan of the security solution by securing their computers, mobile devices and their internet spaces through cybersecurity education and certifications.

Video presentations of the project zoomed in on the sad but true cankerworm of cyber-attacks while highlighting the dire need for every internet user to secure his/her personal data in the digital era.

One of the experts and instructors, Achu Coach Gustav without any fear of doubt said “We are all living in the digital era and the digital era living in us. So, whatever action we take in the cyberspace is not in vain. We either attract security or insecurity.”

Statistics from the National Agency for Information and Communication Technology (ANTIC), indicates that approximately FCFA 4.7 billion has been lost to scamming and phishing in Cameroon since 2011.

Within this period, a sum of FCFA 3.7 billion loss was registered as a result of skimming.
ANTIC in 2019, some 4226 fake accounts on Facebook were registered, 3337 have been closed while approximately FCFA 5 billion is lost due to intrusions into the information systems of certain private organizations, over FCFA 7 billion lost due to SIMBOX since 2010; 32 web defacement attacks detected on the websites of Public Administrations since 2010.

With these alarming statistics and more, the certified security centre is seemingly the right thing at the right place and at the right time.

To bring the idea to the people, the private supra-national public security company that offers integrated, unified and service-oriented nonpareil security services with core values of integrity and alertness has designated a celebrity actress, and model,  Stephanie Tum as the brand ambassador

Benly Anchunda

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