Holiday Sports and Leisure: Yaounde; the hub

It is holiday time and most parents, and guardians want to keep their children occupied with holiday sports and leisure amongst many other educative, purposeful holiday activities. In city centres like Yaounde holiday sporting activities have been introduced while sporting avenues have included activities to suit the taste of holiday makers.

Parents like guardians have cultivated a long time attitude of sports for children while in some homes sports and leisure is a tradition during summer holidays like these.

As some schools organise holiday sports for their pupils and students others are concerned only with holiday classes and social and leisure activities during this time.

On Saturdays in a town like Yaounde, parents are seen having sports walks with their children along the streets or popular spaces in the early hours of the morning.

Many of them end up sharing a plate of fruit juice, ice cream or simply having family time since saturdays for most workers is a golden opportunity to rest and spend time like a family.

A sporting and leisure avenue like the Parcours Vita is always crowded this time with an increase in the number of school going children who see holidays as  a time to do physical exercises and keep fit.

It is either they walk up the steep slope leading to Mont Febe or join friends and family in the handball, basketball and tennis courts located at the foot of the steep slope just around the building hosting the activities of the sports and recreational facilities of the Parcours Vita.

Here, many people are seen involved in either one sports discipline or the other as the sports instructors assist them in the process. Dancing is also top on the agenda here on Saturdays in the early hours of the day.

In other parts of town, buildings hosting childrens games are flooded with holiday makers who spend time having fun and relaxing with school mates in the course of the day.

Swimming pools around town have opened their doors to holiday makers. It is important to know that swimming is one those activities some parents get their children signed up to during the holidays, the number of parents and guardians accompanying their parents to swimming pools speak for itself.

Some of the attractive parks in Yaounde or on the outskirts of the town have registered a good number of visitors since the start of the holidays. Infact, it is one nice way to keep children busy and make them know some parts of the country in their free time.

At the National Institute of Sports, INJS, there is always a tradition for the sports institution to open their doors to pupils and students during the holidays in the guise of “Holiday Sports” with a special sporting menu for holiday makers.

The INJS also have a series of holiday championships for young sports lovers. The national sports institute have a series of sporting discipline most convenient for the holiday makers like; football, table and long tennis, judo, basketball, wrestling and athletics.

Out of this, holiday championships are always organised even out of the city centres by individuals or institutions for the purpose of bringing the children together, keep them occupied and let them participate in the act of sports and development at the grassroots.

Benly Anchunda

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