SAGO 2021: Made in Cameroon Products on the Stands

In a bid to valorize Cameroonian products, a made in Cameroon Village was introduced this year at the Fair on Government Action, SAGO.

The producers are mostly young people. They have been divided into groups depending on their products on display. Local producers are from the East Region, Littoral, Centre, South, North, Far North and the North West Regions.

Some of the products they exhibit are chocolate made with cocoa cultivated in the Country, arts work, tea , natural juice made with fruits, liquor just to name this.


” I’m called Simone EBONE from Kaigama in the East Region ,I’m here to show my products to the public. I have natural juice made with pineapple rich in vitamin C and manganese. I also have juice made with water melons mixed with pineapple rich in vitamin B6 and B9 good in treating a cold and cough. Pure honey from the Adamawa Region good for asmathic patients and old people. I have many other products”

Jean Pierre MBANGA from Douala in the Littoral Region is also one of the exhibitors at the made in Cameroon Village.

“In our stand which is made up of a group of young producers From the Littoral Region, we have Chocolate made with cocoa, liquor made with limes and ginger,handbags customised with African Fabric, cosmetic products made locally and spices. We want visitors to know that they can get what they want in our Country and we want them to start consuming them”

Apart from these products cited above by Simone and Jean Pierre there is a variety displayed here

The Fair on Government Action SAGO will run till Saturday July 31,2021 but the wish of all these exhibitors before they leave is to make known what is locally processed in the country and for people to start consuming them.

Natacha LEHMAN

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