#Tabaski: Prayer grounds all set for the traditional prayers

Some few hours to the feast of the Tabaski, the footpaths, the pavements, the outer prayer grounds at the Tsinga Islamic Complex are very clean and just waiting for its guests as they gather for the traditional prayers on big days on the Islamic calendar like the “Eid al-Ad” or simply Tabaski to be celebrated the world over this Tuesday, July 2021.

It is a very quiet atmosphere at the Complex hosting one of the oldest and populous mosques in the city of Yaounde. Infact, a handful of persons can be seen most notably the security persons and few cleaners carrying on their very last activities of the day.

Cheikh Idrissou Mountapmbeme one of the few religious leaders we met says the though the feast will be observed in the context of the #COVID19, the management of the Mosque have put in place preventive measures to be respected by all the faithfuls

# Individuals mats and small carpets
# Hand washing at the entrance
# Wearing of face masks throughout the prayers
# No handshakes
# No mass gatherings as the muslim faithfuls and visitors will be dispatched to their various homes immediately after the solemn prayers

Sharing his views on the after rituals which is the slaughtering of the sacrificial lamb, the Islamic official says

“The sacrifice of a sheep, cow, goat etc is an obligation for well to do muslims. It is in commemoration of the magnifying works of prophet Ibrahim and the unparalleled act to sacrifice his only son Isaac to God” Cheikh Idrissou Mountapmbeme of the Tsinga Mosque

The feast of the Tabaski comes after one of the greatest pillars of Islam, the pilgrimage. It a period and a time to thank God, share, stay together and celebrate in a show of gratitude to Allah.

Since, the feast marks the end of the Islamic year many muslim faithfuls use the time to take stock and reflect on their personal links with Allah, seek for sincere repentance and avoid temptations and things not worthy to the holy islamic book, The Quran.

Benly Anchunda

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