Crisis in NW/SW: A Paradigm Change in Operations

The crisis in the North West and South West regions is said to have taken another dimension as intelligence reports from the Ministry of Defence have confirmed that separatists now enjoy the support of external violent fundamental groups.

The information is contained in a released signed by the Head of the Division of the Communication of the Ministry, Navy Captain Atonfack Guemo Cyrille Serge, which points to the weaponry and mode of the latest spate of attacks on Cameroonian forces in the North West region

This support, the Defence Ministry believes, has given the separatists deadlier weapons, some of which were used in recent dual attacks that resulted in the deaths of 15 soldiers and several civilians in Bamessing and Kikaikom in the North West region.

The alliance with foreign terrorist organisations may portend greater violence against military and civilian targets in the two regions that have been gripped by the crisis since 2016.

Prospects of Peace

The political class and civil society in the country as a whole have denounced in strong words the killing of 15 soldiers in the North West region.

They expressed outrage on the attacks against the defence and security forces at a time when the Government has put in place a number of appeasement measures including the presidential offer for repentant fighters as well as the plan for the reconstruction of both regions amongst others.

Some have even urge the government to react with proportional force to the enemies of the nation while others exhort the separatists to lay down their arms and take up the peace offer of the President of the Republic.

As the calls echo from different quarters, the committee to follow up the implementation of recommendations of The Major National Dialogue that took place in 2019 to seek solutions to the crisis is scheduled to meet this Wednesday, September 22, 2021 in Buea. It is expected that they further examine the situation on the ground and chart the way forward.

Military Response

The release of the Defence Ministry also highlighted the commitment of the Cameroon military to eradicate all forms of violence in the two restive regions.  The release indicates a paradigm change in the operations of the defence and security forces whose mission is to do everything possible to restore peace and guarantee the free movement of persons, goods and capital throughout the national territory

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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