Crisis in NW/SW: Defence Minister Announces Change of Approach

The Cameroon Military has carried out an in depth assessment of the security situation in the North West and South West regions of the country. 

The evaluation report was scrutinised during a security meeting at the Headquarters of the 5th Joint Military region in Bamenda.

During the meeting chaired by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo, he extended the deep and sincere condolences of the President of the Republic, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to the families of the soldiers who died different operations in the regions. He also extended Presidential condolences to the families of civilians.

He noted that the defence and security forces remain united and determined in their missions of eradicating violence in the two regions.

He said the Head of State, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces hails and encourages the tenacity and rock solid moral of the Defence and Security Forces which has enabled them to preserve the territorial integrity of the country and have consequently preserved many human lives in the regions.

He also commends and congratulates Cameroonians who brave fear and threats on daily basis to provide their civic support to the defence and security forces.

Change of Approach

The separatists who are increasingly equipped with sophisticated weaponry and external human and material support are impeding the reconstruction process. Their recent bloody and treacherous attacks signal a new paradigm which warrants a change of approach. The Minister Delegate stated adding that achievements of the operations carried out will be consolidated.

He said that appropriate readjustments and actions will be deployed without delay. Individuals engaged in subtle or active populist campaigns intended to demobilise the defence and security during these trying moments are well known and followed.

The Minister Delegate called on the support of sincere and patriotic citizens and all sons and daughters to strive for peace by calling on compatriots irrespective of their location to lay down their arms and return to normal life in accordance with the policy of the Head of State.

A return is normalcy which he adds is essential for the implementation of the reconstruction project decided by the government with the support of her partners.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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