Fighting Urban Disorder: Ongola Market Inaugurated for Street Vendors

Street vendors at Avenue Kennedy in Yaounde now have a site to relocate to, the Ongola Market.

Situated in the heart of Yaounde a few metres from the Yaounde Central Market, the Ongola Market inaugurated this September 29, 2021 will serve as a new site to host those vendors who crowd the sidewalks of Avenue Kennedy.

The Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam while inaugurating the space, called on the vendors to hurry and obtain their spaces so as to help curb urban disorder in Yaounde.

The Governor of the Centre Region, Naseri Paul Bea and the Yaounde City Mayor, Luc Messi Atangana were present to witness history in the making.

Ongola Market, Vast Commercial Space

The project to construct the new Market spanned over a period of one year and cost about 1.5 billion CFAF.

Ongola Market spreads over a large space and has two entrances.

The market plays host to 181 shops, three hangouts for 345 stalls, an administrative block, a restaurant and four blocks accommodating toilets.

There is also adequate space in front of and around the various blocks, to ensure free movement within the market.

It is the hope of Yaounde city dwellers that street vendors at Avenue Kennedy heed to Government’s call and relocate to this new market created for them.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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