HIV/Malaria/Tuberculosis: The Global Fund to disburse 163 billion

The Global Fund will disburse a total of FCFA 163 million to fight HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis in Cameroon from 2021-2023.

Civil Society organizations, under the banner of Impact Santé Afrique celebrated the organization’s impact in fighting these diseases in Cameroon and around the World in the last 20 years.

Civil Society organizations celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Global Fund


The Global Fund turned 20 this year. Civil Society organizations organized an event in Yaounde on September 24, to celebrate progress in health care given to patients suffering from these diseases.

Cameroon and the Global Fund partnership

According to Olivia Ngou, Executive Director of Impact Santé Afrique, the Global Fund finances 56% of the budget destined to fight Malaria in Cameroon. She says “The Fund has saved the lives of 44 millions people around the world saved. Cameroon has seen a 50% reduction on Malaria mortality. We have also had the arrival of new efficient tools to fight malaria, rapid diagnostic tests, and new treatment techniques that permits you to treat simple Malaria in 3 days”.


Olivia Ngou, Executive Director of Impact Santé Afrique

Twenty years ago, antiretroviral drugs costed about FCFA1million a year, but thanks to financial support from the Fund, antiretrovirals are now free of charge.

From 2011 – 2020, the National Program for the Fight Against Tuberculosis says  out of the country’s 6000 health facilities , the Fund has facilitated the creation of 305  Tuberculosis treatment centres. Tuberculosis treatment is also  treated free of charge in Cameroon.

Malaria, which officials of the National Malaria Control Program say kills 31 people  every day in Cameroon is treated free of charge for children below five. Pregnant women also receive ant-Malaria drugs, abs treated mosquito bed nets free of charge.

The Global Fund’s achievements have been supported by civil society organizations which  have played a great role in advocacy. Mortality rates have gone down by 50% , diagnostic tests improved and sputum exam made free.

FCFA163 billion for three years

The Global Fund has made great strides in combatting HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis in Cameroon over the last  years.

For the next 3 years, the Fund will finance interventions that will facilitate the reduction of  diseases, diversify screening offers, eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV AIDS for an entire cost of  over FCFA 163million.

A total of FCFA 11 billion will be disbursed to  improve case management, purchase anti-tuberculosis drugs.

Concerning Malaria , the Fund will provide long-lasting mosquito bed nets to pregnant women , finance the distribution campaign, and Malaria chemo-prevention in children under 5 in the North and Far North regions. The Fund will also finance the management of health training centers, purchase diagnostic tests and drugs for the fight against Malaria for the cost of 67billion.

For Cameroon to benefit from this financial support from the Fund, the country will be required to provide FCFA 48 billion which is part of the agreement funding.

Besides that , Civil Society Organizations say it is important for government to increase the health budget for the coming year. Olivia Ngou, Executive Director of Impact Santé Afrique says

“We want to tell world leaders that the fight is not yet over. We still have a long way to go. unfortunately, COVID19 has complicated the situation. We wish that health care for HIV, Malaria and Tuberculosis should remain a priority for our government. Not a priority in speeches , but should be reflected  in the budget that will be voted in November. Health is very important or the development of Cameroon”.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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