Bamenda: Prime Minister on Peace Crusade Calls Parents to talk their Children

On the second day of his working visit to The North West Region, Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute chaired a public meeting to explain the reforms put in place since the holding of the Major National Dialogue in 2019.

A cross section of the population and leaders of socio-cultural organisations gathered at the ceremonial ground at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue to attend the meeting. The release of pigeons to the sky and handing to peace plants to the Prime Minister by the City Mayor marked the start of the event in Bamenda.


Different speakers took turns to present the situation in the region and to explain the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue as well as the Special Status to the population.
Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute then called on the population to contribute to peace building in order to make the region flourish again.

Babadjou – Bamenda Road Works to Resume

Regarding challenges on the road linking the region to the West, The Prime Minister promised to summon the three road construction companies tasked with overseeing the Babadjou – Bamenda road works immediately he returns to Yaounde.

He has also announced plans to construction of the Bamenda municipal stadium amongst many other projects envisaged in the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West Regions.

Dion Ngute assured the youths that, if he comes next time, he will launch a project to construct the stadium which is a connecting factor for all the youths. He reminded youths of the region that their friends in other regions are going about their lives normally, “there is no reason why you should be putting your lives on the line, there is no need being in the bushes while your friends are in schools studying,”

PM’s Appeal to the Constructive Forces

Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute requested the people of Region to stop sitting on the fence with regard to the ongoing conflict in the Region. He challenged parents to talk their children out of dropping their weapons so that development can return to the once flourishing town.

The Prime Minister made a passionate appeal to the constructive forces of the North West Region to recognise the reforms put in place after the Major National Dialogue and help save the region from the violence which is undermining her development.

Joseph Dion Ngute was speaking today in Bamenda during a public meeting to explain post dialogue reforms to the populations. The event at the ceremonial ground in The Bamenda Commercial Avenue was attended by a cross section of the population of the region who came with gifts for the Prime Minister.

During the event, 12 seperatist fighters who had just dropped their weapons presented themselves to the assembly.

The Head of Government is due to continue consultations with different stakeholders in the region to seek lasting solution to the crisis and put an end to the violence.

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Elvis Teke

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