COVID-19 : Cameroon to start issuing QR Codes soon

Cameroon will soon start issuing QR codes to persons who take the COVID19 vaccine. The codes will to replace the manual cards which have been rejected by some countries.

Manual cards have been issued to everyone who took the vaccine in any of the vaccination centers, since vaccination began in Cameroon on April 17.

Manual cards have been issued to everyone who took the vaccine

Most of the persons in Cameroon who take the vaccine are those who want to travel out of the country. Some of them have said their cards were rejected in other countries because vaccines rolled out in Cameroon can not be verified.

Verifying these cards is quite challenging because it can only be done where the vaccine was administered.

This is why the government has set out to replace the Manuel cards with a QR code. The QR code facilitates verification of the card of vaccination.

Dr. Andreas Njoh, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Expanded Program on Immunization says “all those vaccinated are issued a paper based vaccination card, and the information reported are verifiable at the respective vaccination center’s register.

He says all those vaccinated are progressively being enrolled in the Ministry of Public Health Data base online.

When the QR code would have been issued, persons who have taken the vaccine could automatically download an electronic vaccination card that carries a barcode. The card can be scanned anywhere in the world to verify the COVID-19 vaccination status of specific individuals from the Ministry of Public Health Data Base

According to Public health experts, some individuals in Cameroon already have a copy of upgraded vaccination cards.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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