Lake Chad Basin Governors: Forum on Regional Cooperation for Stabilisation, Recovery Opens

The Yaoundé Conference Centre is hosting Governors of the Lake Chad Basin countries affected by the scourge of the Boko Haram insurgency. The two day forum has been officially opened by Cameroon’s Prime Minister Chief Dr Joseph Dion Ngute on behalf of the Head of State.

He told the representatives of the share the common problem that Cameroon will support all initiatives geared towards restoring peace and sustainable development in The Lake Chad Basin.

The Prime Minister indicated that general mobilisation is more than ever before necessary to meet needs of the populations affected by the crisis.

The third meeting of The Lake Chad Basin Governors’ Conference will evaluate the decision taken during the second session that held in 20219 in Niger as well as the regional strategy for the stabilisation, recovery and resilience of the Boko – Haram affected areas in the Lake Chad basin.

Lake Chad Basin Governors: Boko Haram Areas Affected

The 2-day meeting has brought together governors of the regions most affected by the Boko Haram insurgency as well as experts and international partners to discuss ways of promoting peace and sustainable development in the Lake Chad basin.

Eight Governors from four countries affected by violent extremism in the region are taking part in the conference. They include those of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states in Nigeria, Diffa region in Ngier, Hadjer-Lemis Province in Chad as well as the Far North and North Regions in Cameroon.

The governors and development partners will are examining strategies to facilitate an inclusive participation of local communities in the stabilisation, recovery and resilience efforts across the region.

The region has been struggling with impact of Boko Haram raids since 2009 that has the destruction of the social fabric, disruption of public service, human right abuses and the fleeing of many people to become internal displaced or refugees in neighbouring countries.

It is in a bid to check the situation that the Stabilisation, Recovery and Resilience (RSS) regional strategy of Boko Haram affected areas in the Lake Chad Basin was developed in 2018.

Achievements of the RSS

The Regional Strategy seeks a comprehensive and multi sector with national and cross border effort including collaboration with humanitarian, development and peace for long term stabilisation.

The executive Secretary of Lake Chad Basin Commission and Head of Mission of the Multinational Joint Task Force Ambassador Mamman Nuhu said the RSS is now available is operational in all eight affected regions that to the support of the Lake Chad Basin Commission and international partners, traditional and religious leaders and  the media.

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