Secondary Education : Over 650,000 certificates pending collection

Authorities of the Ministry of Secondary Education have said over 650,000 end-of-course certificates are lying in schools, Divisional and Regional delegations, pending collection.

The Secondary Education Minister, Dr. Nalova Lyonga , organized a-one-day workshop in Yaounde on October 13, to find a solution to the problem, and improve issuance of end-of-course certificates.

Secondary Education Minister, Dr. Nalova Lyonga chaired the one-day meeting

Among attendees were principals, Divisional and Regional delegates, pedagogic inspectors, and other actors. Education stakeholders in other regions also participated in discussions by videoconference.


Owners of these certificates are called upon to pick them up from their various schools . The Minister says people who delay will be compelled by other means to collect their certificates.

Issuance of certificates goes digital

In order to facilitate and modernize the issuance of secondary education certificates, authorities have decided to digitalized the procedure.

According to Akat Fidelis Etta, an Inspector General at the Ministry of Secondary Education, students will soon have unique numbers that identify them throughout their studies.

Akat Fidelis Etta, inspector in the Secondary Education Ministry

“Efforts are being made to have a database such that once you pass your exam, you are free to come get your certificate. But this all starts with the school map which is being updated and digitalized. Each student will have a unique registration  number, and this number will take him through his school course. Wherever he goes, he will have the same number and when it comes to tracking the certificate, it will be very easy”.

Digitalizing the process of issuing certificates is also a measure that will facilitate storage and promote the credibility of certificates.

Thanks to digitalization, parents, students and institutions will also be able to consult students’ results online. The digitalization of documents will also weed out fraudsters specialized in issuing fake certificates.

Officials say the new procedure of issuing  certificates will permanently resolve delays in issuing certificates to persons who want to further their studies abroad.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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