End of Year: Hike in Prices of Basic Commodities

The end of the year 2021 is around the corner and the usual hike in prices of some basic commodities is being experienced in spite of measures put by Government to pre-empt the latter.

By November 2021, many households begun using less vegetable oil as the prices of this treasured commodity experienced a hike between 100 to 300 CFAF.

Apart from vegetable oil, dairy products like chicken are now a luxury due to a hike in prices.

Chicken worth 3.500 CFAF is now being sold at about 6.000 CFAF.

“I recently bought chicken at 10.000 CFAF!” exclaims Ma Maria, a Housewife in Limbe.

As the prices of these products and others keep increasing, the question on many minds is, “Is there actually scarcity or are some traders dishonestly trying to make excessive profit during the end of year festivities?”

Ministry of Trade Weighs In

Amid the hikes in prices, the Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarg Atangana has been on heels to ensure these hikes are sorted out.

He was recently at the sugar production facilities in Mbandjock and Nkoteng to ensure that there is no scarcity of sugar which could eventually lead to a hike in prices.

Apart from such visits, the Ministry of Trade’s “Christmas for All” programme in partnership with local businesses is another measure put in place to fight price hikes.

This programme consists of the sale of products in a mini fair at reduced prices so as to fight against high costs of living during the end of year festivities.

With such measures on-going, Cameroonians are hopeful that the Ministry of Trade with go further by visiting the markets and regulating the prices of goods this end of year.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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