Far North: 11 killed in intercommunity Conflict

Security forces have been deployed in Logone Birni division of the Far North region to enforce law and order in a bid to restore calm following a conflict that erupted between fisherman and Cattle breeders.

The perennial differences over arable and pastural land turned bloody around midday Monday December 6, 2021 in the localities of Mariam and Ouloumsa situated about 3km from Logone town.

Local resources say a shuffle broke out on a cattle path between cattle breeders and fisherman which degenerated in to a conflict between the two groups.

The livestock breeders who of the Arabe community clashed with Massa who invited their Mousgoum brothers for help.


At the time of the report 11 people had been killed : six Arabes and five Mousgoums.
Several others who were injured in the confrontations have been taken to hospital in Logone for treatment.

Parts of the Kidam village have been burnt down forcing several families to flee to neighbouring villages others have already crossed the border to Chad.

Restoring Peace

The Divisional Officer for Logone and his close aids went to the scene to calm down the flaring tempers and reinforce security in the communities.

North Regional Governor Midjiyawa Bakari reinforced security presence in the affected areas to prevent a resurgence of the conflict.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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