Mayors and Councillors schooled on Malaria, #COVID19 and Community Health

Mayors and councilors in Cameroon  are being educated on their role in  promoting community health and fighting Malaria, and #COVID19 in their communities.

A sensitization campaign, jointly organized by Impact Santé Afrique and the World Health Organization is taking place at the Yaoundé Multipurpose Sports Complex, where the “International Economic Days of Councils” (JEICOM21) is equally holding.

In the joint WHO and ImpactSanteAfrique exhibition stand are health experts are also administering #COVID19 vaccines. Visitors can voluntarily request to take any vaccine of their choice. The health officials say vaccination is the best way of fighting the virus.

#COVID19 and Malaria continue to cause deaths in communities. In Cameroon, the Public Health Ministry reports 107,148 confirmed cases, 1,804 deaths, 3,655 health workers infected, alongside 57 deaths , 560 pregnant women infected, and 6 deaths.

During the sensitization campaign that will run from December 3-5 2021, the mayors will be educated on their role in the fight against Malaria and COVID19.

Edith Essomba, Head of the communication unit of Impact Santé Afrique says it is important for mayors to champion the course  to improve the working conditions of community health workers, especially remuneration.

Community health workers are not yet on the state payroll, and they are not also regularly remunerated. Impact Sante Afrique’s communication unit head tells Crtv Web that ,
“The work community health workers do warrants that they be paid like every other worker. They trek for up to 6km a day to provide health services to communities, yet the state does not pay them. They are voluntary workers who should be paid. We want them to be included in the state budget”.

On December 4, the mayors will be educated on how to fight #COVID19 and Malaria prevention  in a workshop that will take place in the joint WHO, and Impact Sante Afrique Exhibition stand at the Yaoundé Multipurpose Sports Complex.


Kathy Neba Sina 

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