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National Gendarmerie in Garoua strengthens capacities

The National Gendarmerie in Garoua has organized a two-week training for elements of the third gendarmerie Region  ahead of AFCON 2021.

During the tournament, gendarme officers will be expected to enforce law and order in the city. They will also have to protect the population, players and the entire public.

The gendarmes have been told to be committed, diligent and disciplined professionals, in order guarantee the success of the competition.

Commercial bike Riders in Douala sharpen skills

Commercial bike riders unions in the economic capital, Douala have begun fine-tuning skills ahead of the AFCON in January.

Most of them have enrolled in driving schools to improve their driving skills that will be of utmost importance during the AFCON sports jamboree.

Bike riders have been told to improve personal hygiene for the comfort of the customers they will transport.

Prices of Basic commodities rise in East Region

End-of-year feasts will take place in two weeks from now, but prices of some basic commodities have already increased.

The prices of rice, fish, oil and other basic commodities have been increased in most shops in the East Region.

Vendors complain that wholesalers continue to increase prizes of basic commodities, since the month began. The Price Control Brigade at the East Regional Delegation of Trade, is making sure there are no price hikes.

The public has been told to call the toll free number 1502 to report vendors involved in any form of unscrupulous practices.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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