National Employment: Issa Tchiroma Harmers on the Importance of Professional Training on CRTV Web’s LiveChat

Cameroon’s Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has insisted that the job market is more interested in technical and professionally trained persons.

He was speaking this Tuesday February 15, 2021 on the CRTVWeb Facebook Live Chat where he responded to questions posed by the youths in the one hour programme.

Issa Tchiroma said youths are not employed today not because they are apt, but because they are not trained in the fields of the job market.

The Employment and Vocational Training Minister insisted on the fact that professional and technical training is the way forward for the nation’s employment market.

Issa Tchiroma Bakary

Interactions with the Online Community

One question that came up over and over in the Facebook LiveChat with the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Issa Tchiroma Bakary is why thousands of youths who have completed university training are still jobless and not absorbed by the public or private sector.

“What I advice to everyone, before getting any training be is to have two objectives in mind,” he counseled.
“At the end of the training you should be sure of getting a job or be ready to be self employed. Make sure the job market needs your services.”

Others asked what it takes to get a job in Cameroon.

Issa Tchiroma said a job seeker should go towards the structures that offer jobs like the National Employment Fund.

He encouraged job seekers to subscribe to the national employment service platform that provides information about available jobs.

A CRTVWeb follower also asked why youths who leave vocational training centres in Cameroon are not directly integrated in the public service.

The minister responded by saying the youths are professional trained and in relation with the need of the market and not only for the public service although some of them are given employment opportunities.

CRTV Web LiveChat

It was also reiterated on the LiveChat that No one is recruiting by standards of familiarity.
The government employs on the basis of competence as stated by the minister.

He also said the university needs to respond to the needs of the public and private sector when training young Cameroonians.

On internships, the minister expressed the readiness to help youths to gain internships. He says his ministry also works to ensure that interns work in good environment.

Competition with international organs for jobs was also a question raised by a follower.

Issa Tchiroma said It depends on the quality of training given to learners which should be of international standards. “When the youths are well trained, offers will come in from all over the world for the need of their services,” He said.

The minister also said youths who want to transfer knowledge obtained abroad in the country are also welcomed.

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