“Festival 237 Talents”: Identifying Talented Young People with Disabilities

Talented young people with disabilities aged 8-30 have begun exhibiting their talents in an exhibition fair in Yaoundé dubbed “ Festival 237 Talents”.

It is an exhibition fair for young persons with disabilities initiated by music producer and events manager, DJ Pat Cool. The fair will take place from March 17-20, 2022 at the National

DJ Pat Cool, initiator of “ Festival 237 Talents”

Cameroon’s First Lady, Chantal Biya is the patron of this maiden edition. The First Lady is at the  forefront of the initiative to identify, follow up and facilitate socio-economic integration for this young talented persons living with disabilities.

Showcasing talents of young persons with disabilities

DJ Pat Cool, the initiator  of the exhibition fair says he is passionate about showcasing talents in young people, but this is a special occasion for those with disabilities.

“Cameroon has incredible talents and we need to exhibit them. I wanted us to see that especially in persons with disabilities. We identify, follow up and put their talents to good use. These children need a new hope”.

The opening ceremony of the “Festival 237 Talents” will take place on March 18, while the closing ceremony is scheduled to hold on March 20.

The talent showcase

Prior to the event, persons with disabilities were required to submit their artistic works including music, arts, drawing, painting and others for selection.

Those shortlisted have been invited to exhibit their talents during the fair every day, for the next 4 days. Young people with exceptional talents will be singled out for proper follow up. The ultimate goal of the “Festival 237 Talents” is to facilitate socio-economic integration of talented young persons with disabilities.

These youths will also be able to exhibit others works of art in tents that have been made available for them at the National Museum free is charge. Every other exhibitor will be charged for the tent spaces they use for exhibition.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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