President Paul Biya Orders Payment of Teachers Dues

The President of the Republic has prescribed urgent Financial and Administrative measures to respond to the grievances of Teachers.


Financial Measures

The Presidential instruction outlines directives to the Minister of Finance to proceed with the payment as from the Month of March 2022 of monthly salary complements to teachers both holders and non holders of decree of integration.

It also prescribes payment as from the Month of March 2022 of;

Monthly salary complements to teachers (holders or not of decree of integration) who are currently receiving just 2/3 of their salaries;

– Non lodging indemnities due to teachers who are not receiving it

– Clear all payments as from the month of May 2022 and in a progressive manner, taking into account promotion arrears, non lodging indemnities and salary complements owed teachers.

–  Proceed with sequential payments as from June 2022 of dues of advancement and reclassification of teachers.

Administrative Measures

The Presidential of the Republic also instructed the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms to render the constitution of integration documents for teachers systematic before the end of their training by the concerned and the institution to which he or she is affiliated.

Ensure in relation with the competent universities, the systematic submission files of ENS and ENSET graduates at the regional delegation or central services of MINFOPRA where necessary

Urgently treat integration files already censured at MINFOPRA and do an exhaustive balance sheet of the integration files of teachers on course at MINESEC and MINEDUB.

Proceed henceforth in relation with MINESUP, in the organisation of competitive entrance examinations into ENS and ENSET in conformity with the regulations enforce

Implement all the measures contributing to dematerialization and the simplification of procedures for the treatment of integration files in the public service.

Instructions to the Government

The President of the Republic also instructed the government to continue with social dialogue engaged with teachers’ trade unions in order to reach in an agreed manner appropriate solutions that seek to improve the situation of teachers.

The Minister of Communication is expected to grant a press conference with the concerned (MINFI, MINFOPRA, MINESEC and MINEDUB) to highlight the measures to taken by government to respond to the grievances of teachers.

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