Tech Entrepreneurship: Six projects win the TIE Champions award

Six tech projects have won the Tech Innovation Entrepreneurship, (TIE ) Champions Contest. The contest was launched by KmerTech ; a network that groups tech incubators and other enterprise support structures in Cameroon.

The tech projects in the health , education and business sectors were awarded on Thursday March, 3 in Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala, in three categories ; health, education and business.

Present at the award ceremony was Rebecca Enonchong, Founder of Appstech and Activspaces, Jules KEMBOU,
European Union Representative in Cameroon and other important personalities.

Six winners

A total of six awards; two from each category were handed to creators.

Health Apps
-1st Prize : “Telmi”, created by Fabrice Tueche

“Telmi”, created by Fabrice Tueche

-2nd Prize : “Ekosso” created by Mesame Ewang

“Ekosso” created by Mesame Ewang

Education Apps
-1st Prize : “Miya Academy” created by Cho Nkarimbi

“Miya Academy” created by Cho Nkarimbi

-2nd Prize: “Cameroon GCE Guide App” created by Felix Fomenguia

“Cameroon GCE Guide App” created by Felix Fomenguia

Business Apps
-1st Prize : “Nkwa” created by Akeomoa Ashangndowah

“Nkwa” created by Akeomoa Ashangndowah

-2nd Prize: “Tensend” created by Josue Tsafack Nguemo

“Tensend” created by Josue Tsafack Nguemo

Winners took home financial awards ranging from 5000 to 15,000 euros each.

The selection process

The TIE CHAMPION National Competition which unfolded in three stages for a period of two months, is a continuation of the National Conference which on cushioning the effects of #COVID19 held in Yaoundé on November 30, 2021, at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique in Yaoundé .This conference preceded the official launch of the contest on Friday, December 10, 2021.

A total of 49 projects were selected out of 111 submissions. The jury will comprised of an expert in health, education, business, technology and a partner from the government. During the second stage, 18 projects; 6 projects each in the health, education and business sectors were shortlisted. This selection process ran from Tuesday 22 February to Wednesday 23 February 2022. During this time, all 18 tech entrepreneurs were trained on pitching techniques and how to enhance their startups.

The last stage of the competition was on Pitch Day. A total of 70 guests were invited to witness the final selection process. Each project creator had 5 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes to answer related questions.

The TIE CHAMPION National Competition was open to contestants aged at least 18 years with a focus on technological innovation applied to health, education and business.

Each project was also judged based on its ability to provide technological solutions to daily challenges in the chosen sectors. Apps that provided concrete solutions to the problems identified by the main actors in these sectors had an advantage over the others.

Throughout the process, contestants were monitored and followed up as they finalized their projects. Kmer Tech also offered technical support to contestants.

Why launch the competition ?

Kmer Tech launched the TIE CHAMPION national competition to basically distinguish and fish out solution-oriented apps in the health, education and business domains in Cameroon.

The tech incubators also wanted to identify hundreds of candidates who would be trained in problem solving and product design. After picking the winners, Kmer Tech ultimately intended to facilitate the launch of products and services by the T-I-E national champions.


Kathy Neba Sina

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