Transportation: Students At the Mercy of Bikers

Every morning students and pupils wake up and are ready for school, transportation is a major aspect of that. Some go to school on foot, others in taxis or private cars while a majority opt for commercial motorbikes.

As a bystander watching the scenes every morning, it is total scare watching students who choose commercial motorbikes as means of transportation to school.

From the recklessness of the riders to the exaggerated overloading, one can only ask if there are no regulations put in place to control such carelessness.

Of course there are, government has cautioned students and also banned these motorbikes from plying certain roads, yet the act still accentuates to new levels.

School administrators have equally adviced students to rather walk to school rather than making use of motorbikes but most say it is a cheaper and faster transportation means to school.

At the Government Bilingual High School Nkol-Eton in Yaoundé, the mornings are scary for onlookers but seem exciting to the students.

Finding three or four students arriving school on a bike is a common thing.

Sometimes they even scream in excitement, asking the driver to speed up as they meander through traffic.

These riders respect no traffic laws, overtaking other cars in areas and ways they should not and going above speed limits.

The young people enjoy the motorcycle because to them it represents freedom, individuality and a chance for adventure for many.

Although therapeutic and relaxing for some, riding a motorcycle is a high-risk form of transportation. Traveling on a motorcycle is more dangerous than riding a bicycle, walking, riding in a vehicle or traveling by boat, rail or air.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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