Back To School: Pupils and Students Return for Decisive Term

Traffic is once again dense in Yaoundé as pupils and students officially resume school for the third term of the 2021/2022 academic year this Monday April 25, 2022.

The third term is the shortest of the three terms of the academic year and it is a decisive one for pupils and students as they look forward to their final exams in order to gain promotion into higher classes.

For the most part, teachers have already covered their year’s syllabus and will focus on revision, preparing learners for final exams which carries the highest percentage of the annual evaluation.

The term will however be longer for final year students such as those for form 5 and upper sixth as they will have to stay back in school to write their official exams.

Back to School in Cameroon fro the third term for the 2011/2022 Academic Year
Back to School in Cameroon fro the third term for the 2011/2022 Academic Year

Back to School: Usual Activities Resurface

It is a usual scenario in most streets in Yaoundé that has resurfaced as students return to the streets for school after two weeks of holiday.

Parents can once again be seen dropping off their kids in school and other learners struggling by themselves to catch a taxi or rush to school.

Dense traffic is back on the streets as pupils and students fight for transportation with other road users.

Police have taken extra measures ensuring the control of traffic to ensure that there are no holdups on the road.

Snack vendors are back in business around schools hoping to make good profit out of hungry learners.

Most importantly for some of these schools is the continuous implementation of the COVID-19 barrier measures set up by the government of Cameroon and the World Health Organisation.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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