Age Exemptions for Persons With Disabilities in Public Competitive Exams: Scope and Conditions

Persons living with disabilities in Cameroon have been granted an age exemption of up to five years in public examinations. The decree instituting the measure was signed recently by Prime Minister Head of Government; Joseph Dion Ngute.

The measure which also applies to the integration of handicapped persons into the public service, is attached to a number of conditions which the said candidates must fulfil. The first of them is ownership of a disability card.

Arrêté number 040 signed by Prime minister Head of Government Joseph Dion Ngute on the 19th of May, clearly states the terms and conditions for the granting of an age exemption in public exams or recruitment into the public service for persons living with disabilities.

Eligibility Criteria

The arreté specifies that persons with disabilities who can benefit from the age extension must be holders of a disability card and must have undergone school, university or professional training.

The age extension is dependent on the launch of an official examination or a recruitment exercise into the public service.

The age extension covers a maximum of 5 years above the age limit fixed for the particular official examination or recruitment exercise the candidate is taking.

The prime ministerial arrêté also specifies that even after benefiting from the age limit extension and succeeding in an official exam, final recruitment for candidates will depend on the compatibility of candidates to the posts sollicited in conformity with the list of trades available to handicapped persons as established by the minister of social affairs.

Finally, the prime ministerial arrêté no 040 of the 19th of may granting the extension of age limits in public exams and recruitment into the public service for persons living with disabilities specifies that application ofiles if candidates must contain information identifying the candidate and the type of disability.

These measures fall in line with the government’s vision to improve conditions for persons living with disabilities in Cameroon.

The decree of application signed in 2018, fix conditions for advantages in employment, facilities for movement of persons living with disabilities in new public structures and improved accras to sports, culture and politics for persons living with disabilities.

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