National Day 2022: President Paul Biya Chairs 50th Unity Feast

Cameroonians have turned out as one man to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the Unitary State. Celebrations were organised all administrative headquarters in the country.

In the nation’s Capital, President Paul Biya, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces presided over the celebration at the May 20th Boulevard.

The celebration which resumes after two years of recess due the COVID19 pandemic began at midday with the arrival of the President of the Republic at the ceremonial ground.

He was ushered in by the cavalry of men on horseback of the Presidential guard as well as escort riders of the Presidential Guard who accompanied the presidential motorcade from the Presidency to the Boulevard.

President Paul Biya was greeted upon arrival by the Minister of Defence and other state personality before he proceeded to honour the National Anthem and the flag, following by the review of the troops.

Cheers and thundering applause from the crowd accompanied the President of the Republic – Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces as he reviewed the troops.

Guest Contingent

In keeping with the Cameroon’s vision of fostering regional integration, a contingent of the Republic of Congo was invited to take part in this year’s celebration.

The delegation from Congo was led by the Defence Chief of General Staff of the Congolese Armed Forces, Major General Guy Blanchard Okot.

It is composed of 111 men of Para Commandoes from Congolese Armed Forces.

In a special slow but energy marching style, the Para Commandos staged a choreographic display the pull applause from the crowd.

Military Parade

The Commander of the troops, Brigadier General Agha Robinson Ndong set the tone for the military match past.

The Music band of the army staged a patriotic song before the Congolese matched past.

They were followed by the Presidential Guard the set the pace for the Cameroon’s Armed forces.

They were followed by Cadet Officers of the Combined Services Military Academy – EMIA. The National Gendarmerie, the Special Forces, the Infantry, the Airborne Battalion, the Air force, the Rapid Intervention Battalion and the Cameroon Navy were amongst the corps of the armed forces that matched past. The parade of foot troops of the military ended with the National Fire Brigade and Ex-servicemen.

The General Delegation of National Security followed the trail with a special square of cadet officers from the Advance Police College with the queen matching steps and other squares of specialised units.

The penitential Administration and the Customs department also filed past the tribune

The Motorised Parade

The Presidential Guard cavalry of men on horseback were the first the ride past the tribune to the rhythm of the music of their band.

The escort riders on power bikes of the Presidential Guard, the Gendarmerie and the Police were next to display their know-how.

Personnel carriers, tactical and operational vehicles of the different corps of the military also took their tunes to drive pass.

Armoured tanks of the Armoured  Battalion attracted applause from the crowds that had gathered.

In a similar order as the foot troops, the vehicles also drove pass the tribune which was full to capacity of Cameroonians of different works of life, state personalities, invited guests and members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Yaounde.

At the end of the military Parade, the Commander of the troops, Brigadier Agha Robinson gave a military salute to the President of the Republic – Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

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Photos: Cameroon Tribune

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