National Day: Patriot Monument Inaugurated

Inhabitants of Yaounde can now enjoy the beauty and fresh breeze of the fountains of the “Patriot Monument” inaugurated this May 18, 2022.

The monument is located at the Roundabout of the Prime Minister’s Office in the heart of Yaounde.

Specifications of the Patriot Monument

The Patriot Monument is built on a surface area of 3,664 metres square.

It is composed of two interconnected arches with inscription “I LOVE MY COUNTRY CAMEROON”  “J’AIME MON PAYS LE CAMEROUN”.

There are two palms above the arches, carrying a globe (represented by longitudes) with the map of Cameroon inside.

Underneath the arches is a football with the flag of Cameroon printed on it.

Have you been to the Patriot Monument yet? Let’s go on this tour together!

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To add up to its beauty, the “Patriot Monument” has eight fountains, ten flowers carved in the form of stars.

It also has small gardens, lighted decorations and five benches in the form of arches.

The ground is covered with granite and it is worth mentioning that the stones used were extracted from Mount Edima.

A Place to Celebrate Patriotism

Designed by the Yaounde City Mayor, Luc Messi Atangana, the monument is full of symbolism.

The City Mayor explains that the hand carrying the globe and map of Cameroon are symbolic of protection and support… patriorism as a whole.

According to Luc Messi Atangana, the football with the flag are uniting and mobilising factors in Cameroon.

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Celestine Ketcha Courtes on her part called on Cameroonians to see this monument as a reminder to be patriotic.

She also invited Tourists to stop by and visit the monument.

The Patriot Monument is now open to the public and the City Mayor of Yaounde invites everyone to a special perfomance at this monument on May 20, 2022 from 6pm to 8pm. The perfomance will include a display with water and lights.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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