2022 SAGO: On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready….

The sound of hammers and metals welcome one to the courtyard of the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex as stands are being set up for the 2022 SAGO to begin tomorrow, June 22, 2022.

The rains of this morning did not stop exhibitors from carrying on with preparations at the 2022 SAGO exhibition village.

While many stands are yet to be decorated, there are a few which are almost ready to welcome guests.

Almost every 20 minutes, a vehicle arrives loaded with materials to be set up in the 2022 SAGO exhibition stands.

At one stand, a group of men could be seen, disagreeing on how their decor should be set up.

At another corner, Eric is nailing some wood together which will be used in this exhibition stand.

In the meantime, some energetic men are transporting buffet tables to a stand.

I accost some ladies but they are more concerned with the flowers they have to set up in their stand.

No room for idling at this site…even the chairs need some cleaning and this is being taken care of.

With all hands on deck at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex, it is certain that the 2022 SAGO will kick off tomorrow, June 22, 2022.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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