An Accountant to Manage the Affairs of Mankon Fondom

The choice of the king makers for the throne of the Mankon Fondom fell on 50 year- old school administrator and Accountant by training Fru Asah Angwafor.

Before his designation as the 21st traditional ruler of the first class Fondom of the grassfield village, of the North West Region, he was leading a quiet life as the principal of Government Technical High School Nkwen in Bamenda.

The husband and father of six biological children and many other children in a tribute paid to his father said, ” I never believed I could be the one you will chose to succeed you” . Though like any other Prince of the palace he stood a chance to be the hier to the throne of Mankon.

The choice of this teacher who has taught accounting in many technical schools in the North West Region has been applauded by his subjects, judging from their turnout and joy expressed when he was first presented to the public.

Besides his role as school administrator, he is into gardening and animal rearing, a passion he picked up from his late father Fon Angwafor lll who was a trained agricultural technician and a Practicing farmer.

Like all princes of the Mankon Fondom he loves music. Especially traditional folklore music as he has always been seen playing traditional music instruments during the Fons dance or other great events in the Palace.

The newly designated Fon Angwafor lV is a holder of a DIPET 2 certificate from the Government Technical Teachers Training College GTTTC (ENSET Douala) of the University of Douala.

Over a year ago he was voted as board chairman of the Rainbow Coperative Credit Union, an umbrella organization charged with ensuring good governance within the category one micro finance sector. He is Fluent in both French and English languages.

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