Drug Control: Police Equipped with 1000 Detection Gadgets

One thousand test kits to detect various types of narcotics consumed by a suspect have been donated to the Cameroon Police Force.

French Trainer presents drug detection kit to the Secretary General at the General Delegation for National Security and the Representative of the French Ambassador to Cameroon

The official in charge of interior security at the French Embassy in Cameroon, Colonel Christian Broudin on behalf of the French Ambassador handed over the kits to the Secretary General of the General General Delegation for National Security, Police Commissioner Dominic Baya.

The donation comes after of police personnel on their use of the device that detects different types of drugs.

Police Inpector with drug detection device

The pocket size gadget produces results in 15 minute and informs scientific police of the specific type of narcotic consumed by a suspected and the device can store results for a long period. The French trainer, Police Captain Laurent Sainseaux explained adding that a saliva sample even from a corpse is enough to carry the test.

The French embassy official explained that the quantity of devices donated serve Cameroon’s scientific police for a period of two years.

Device that detects different types of drugs in 15 minutes

Colonel Christian Broudin who handed over the donation said French – Cameroon Police cooperation agency has announced plans to donate personal protection gear for 75 police officers susceptible to be deployed to risk zones by the end of the year.


Police Officers during handing over ceremony

The Secretary General the General Delegation for National Security, Police Commissioner Dominique Byay saluted the Police cooperation between France and Cameroon in the domain of interior security.

He said the donation of the single use drug detection device will enhance Cameroon’s capacity in the prevention, detection and control in the proliferation of hard drugs in the country.

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