Mankon Fondom: Population Embrace a new Ruler

The Palace plaza of Mankon witnessed a historic moment on Tuesday June 7 2022 as hundreds of thousands of mourners converged for the ” Nikwi ni Abouti” the official funeral celebration of 97 year old Fon Solomon Anye Ndefru Angwafor lll.

The paramount ruler of the first class Fondom of the nguemba tribe of the grassfield zone of Cameroon, had been on the throne for 63 years.

This explains the excitement that surrounded the official mourning. Natives dressed in sackcloth as customs demand, made up of banana tree fibre with wood ash smeared on their body, as early as 5:30 gathered at the palace plaza wailing for the missing Fon.

It was during the wailing that his successor, 50 year old Fru Asah Angwafor was presented to the population. After the different rituals had been performed, he was presented for pelting, the moment the people give him their powers. This act proved that the throne was no longer vacant, as the put it “the missing Fon had been found “.

Washing of The Pain and Sorrow of death

The Mankon natives then moved to any nearby stream where they threw away the banana tree fiber and wahs off the ashes as a sign of cleansing to forget about their sorrow caused by the disapearance of their spiritual leader and custodian of the tradition. It also signifies washing away all the evil that had happened in the land.

Later at Midday all the sons and daughters and other guests returned to the palace plaza dressed in colorfully embroidered traditional outfit called the “togho”. This is for the naming ceremony of the new Fon. The huge crowd full of excitement with multimedia phones waited anxiously to capture this great historic moment that some discribe as ” once in a lifetime “.

Only one dance group is allowed to perform during such an exceptional event, the “Mandere” made up of notables of the Fondom.

After the performance spiced by showers of rain, the “kwifon” the administrative arm of the palace and the king makers arrived with the new Fon in his traditional attributes, dressed in a loin cloth and rubbed with cam wood and a gallant of herbs around his neck.

Then the herald announced “the new Fon will be called Angwafor the lV”.

This announcement is recieved with great acclamation by the mammoth crowd present.

Several traditional rulers from different villages of the North West region turned out to witness the event and give their support to the new colleague. Even natives who are found it different towns of Cameroon traveled home to bear witness.

An Active Social Media Coverage

Meanwhile those aboard followed the events live of Facebook while they also dressed up in sackcloth and later celebration clothing. The different social media platforms were inundated with images of the historic moments.

The Secretary General of the Mankon Traditional Council Ntomnifo Richard Fru, said the coronation of the Fon will take place in the months ahead. He added ” You know it is a very big event and we need much time to plan for this”.

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