Project Risk Management: Social Affairs Ministry equipped

Project execution is necessary for every country’s development but there are social risks associated to executing projects that need to be properly managed.

A diagnostic report on the capacity of Cameroon’s  Social Affairs Ministry to manage social risks of projects was been presented in Yaounde on June 17, 2022.

Social Affairs Minister, Pauline Irene Nguene who presided over the event said her Ministry is well equipped for this job.

“ The government is committed to taking into account the structural dimension of the execution of projects. So we are very delighted today to have all the partners including financial partners like the World Bank, to assist us and accompany us in this mission on how to manage social risks”.

Managing Social Risks

Project evaluation comes with numerous undesirable social risks.

Most of these risks are usually ignored because governments tend to have their eyes fixed on results and the economic fallouts of the project, leaving the social risks unattended to.

Some of the social risks associated with executing projects include: loss of stability, exclusion, discrimination of persons with disabilities, loss of revenue, prostitution, community health problems and many more.

Social Affairs experts say all projects come with social risks which must be identified, prevented or reduced in order to control the destructive consequences of risks that may occur before or during the project execution .

This is why the experts are asking to be included in the project execution program from inception to finish.

Managing social risks generally involves protecting vulnerable persons, rape victims, human health, cultural beliefs, culture and equity.

The study was carried out by experts from the world World Bank which also doubles as financial sponsor.

Stakeholders  from the Ministries of Public Works, Water and Energy, Women’s Empowerment and the Family, and Housing and Urban Development attended the ceremony.

Kathy Neba Sina

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