2021 Islamic Solidarity Games: Cameroon counts 12 Medals

Three days to the end of the ongoing 5th Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey, team Cameroon is entitled to twelves medals in total, two in gold, five medals each in silver and bronze won in some of the thirteen sporting disciplines Cameroon signed up for. The medal tally is indeed impressive because Cameroon has never raised the bar high as this before in their various outings at the Islamic Games.

Cameroon went close but not very close to grabbing a gold at the finals of the Volleyball Men but fell off the hands of four time Asian champions on a score of 3 sets to one at the Karatay Congress and Sport Centre, Konya this Monday, August 15.

The silver won by the volleyball lionesses added up to the six medals won by Cameroon on day-7 action in swimming and heavyweight amongst many other sporting disciplines.

Team Cameroon has been on the centre of the games on eleven different counts with the most resilient having to still the show and raise Cameroon’s flag high.

Team Captain, Eseme Alobwede Emmanuel won Cameroon’s first gold medal at the Konya expedition in 200metres athletics with a breaking time record of 20.65 seconds ahead of Kyle Greaux from Trinadad and Tobago, and Japanese Yamashita Jun with 20.77 and 20.78 respecbronze.

The second gold medal for Cameroon is in Women’s heavyweight category 76kg won by Gaelle Mbo’ossi who is entitled to another medal this time in bronze

Heavyweightlifter, Clementine Meukeugni Noumbissi counts three medals in the 87kg for Cameroon. One of the precious metals in bronze was won at the Weighting Women’s 90kg after Eileen Cikamatana from Fiji with 233kg won gold just one ahead of Australia’s Kaity Fassina.

Swimmer, Milanesi Norah Elisabeth grabbed silver in women’s 100m freestyle swim on a time scale of 58.42 to stay second on the list

The Handball lionesses managed to seal the deal with a bronze medal just like Nora Mone Atim and Linda Angounou who both won bronze medals at the Women’s 400m hurdles

Just to note that team Cameroon has a total of 165 persons in Konya, 120 of them athletes participating in 13 sporting disciplines and 45 others as sports instructors.

Benly Anchunda

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