2022 Guinness Super League: Lamine Mana, Most Valued Player

Awa FC Midfielder and under-20 female Lioness, Lamine Mana has ended the 2022 Guinness Super League season as best player with 19 goals.

The ex-player of Amazone Fap who currently plays with the Awa Girls set her own record with her 19 goals scored.

The Midfielder has a good technical palette, is hard-hitting and is able to eliminate several players on her way.

Very involved this season with 19 goals and 4 assists, Lamine Mana is one of the players who has scored more than one double during a meeting.

Just two days before the end of the Guinness Super League championship, the girl from Ngaoundere in the Adamawa Region, broke Eliane Bibout’s record, the one who had scored 18 goals in Act 1 of the Guinness Super League.

Lamine Mana scored 6 goals from set pieces, 2 from penalties, 4 from free kicks and 7 other goals.

However, she was not very satisfied with her performance, “I’m happy to beat Eliane Bibout’s record even though I opted for 25 goals at the start of the championship. Unfortunately, my accident slowed me down but I don’t intend to stop here; I think I can do better.”

Career Path of Lamine Mana

The young prodigy trained at Renaissance Athlétique where she evolved for 4 seasons, including 2 years spent at Renaissance Athlétique de Figuil and the other 2 seasons at Renaissance Women de Guider.

After these clubs, Lamine joined Amazone Fap in 2018 where she spent two seasons there with a total of 15 goals and 30 assists.

Career Honours

At 17 years and two months, Lamine Mana had already played in all categories in Cameroon: With the under-17s, she took part in the qualifiers counting for the World Cup in India.

Lamine Mana got her first selection with the Indomitable Lionesses at the age of 15 under the reign of Alain Djeumfa, during the play-off matches against Chile counting for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. During this period, she scored 3 goals against Zambia.

In the under-20s, she scored 3 goals against the DRC during the World Cup qualifiers in Costa Rica.

She was part of the Turkey expedition in 2020, and was recently called up by Gabriel Zabo Toze for the Indomitable Lionesses’ internship at the recent WAFCON in Morocco.

Other Awards at Guinness Super League

Indomitable Lioness of Cameroon and Inter- Milan forward, Nchout Njoya Ajara has promised to compensate players after Sunday’s closing ceremony.

“As Guinness Super League Ambassador, it comes to me today as duty, to encourage all these talents and especially those who stood out the most during the season, through this symbolic gesture,” she emphasises.

The 500,000 FCFA award will go to: top goal scorer, best goalkeeper, best coach and most times Guinnessico woman

Bancho Pamen (Intern)

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