#Back2school: Parents’ Criteria for Choice of School

The 2022 / 2023 school year is around the corner and parents are registering their children in various institutions with several criteria in mind.

While some follow big names, others are looking for a clean, safe or well equiped school for their children.

Accessible and Comfortable School Enviromment, the Desire of Most Parents

Solange in Yaounde says she prefers a school which is accessible and not far from the house so that her child could walk to school. She also prefers a school which is neat with airy classrooms and qualified teachers.

Moreover, safety and security are a priority to her. “The school must be in a gate so the child can play comfortably,” she insists.

Blandine Babila is of a similar opinion with Solange.

“As a purely Anglo-saxon parent, I make sure the school is good in English Language, clean and in a good atmosphere especially as far as ventilation is concerned,” she insists.

Mildred Nganu shares similar views on the criteria she considers before choosing a school for her children.

“The quality of education, the structure and environment of the school and its accessibility are important to me,” Mildred Nganu emphasises.

The results of old students from the school also greatly affect her choice.

Presence of Social Amenities, a Major Criteria for Some Parents

In addition to a clean environment, clean toilets and flowing taps, some parents also look out for social amenities like a good playground and well equipped computer lab.

This is the case of Deline Kum. In addition to these, she considers the hours the pupils spend at school, the school fees and the criteria used to recruit teachers.

“I usually find out about the owner of the school if he was once a teacher and criteria to recruit teachers. I really do not base my choice on how old the school is. My Son attended a school where it was their first year of existence but the proprietor had seven other schools which were doing well,” Deline indicates.

With these views, it is clear that whether a private or Government school, most parents prefer schools which are accessible, with good educational and moral standards.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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