CHRACERH: Five New Babies To Families with Infertility Issues

Three Cameroonian women have today experience the joy of being a mother thanks to the Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery and Human reproductive teaching hospital CHRACERH after infertility problems caused by some pathology.

These women finally got the fruit of the womb after spending 11 years struggling to get children.

According to Professor Jean Marie KASIA, the degree of infertility in Cameroon can be prevented since the persentage of this phenomenon is still low in Cameroon.

The five babies among which a set of triplets are from mothers aged 33 and 42 respectively.

They are the fruits of a 9 month follow up at the Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery and human reproductive hospital CHRACERH.

The couples have spent difficults moments for several years now, struggling to get the fruit of the womb, but with the assistance of medical doctors of the structure, things turned around.

Services offered by CHRACERH according to the different couples were affordable and saved them the trouble of travelling abroad to get treatment.

Since it’s creation in 2015, CHRACERH has registered 330 successful deliveries and many more expectant mothers are in their care.

Sidonie Djobmandi

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