Dastudy: Cameroonian Online Educational Platform

There are many online platforms which facilitate access to knowledge for auto-education based on various domains. One of such is Dastudy.

Dastudy is a free online platform for the sharing of knowledge between professionals and learners.

The platform is brainchild of a Cameroonian Economist and Computer Scientist, David Kenfack. It has been online since 2019.

Dastudy is made up of 15,000 documents, softwares and mutual help forums cutting across academic, professional and cultural domains.

Domains include journalism, marketing and psychology amongst others as well as the possibility of learning local languages.

The platform works in collaboration with teachers, universities and international organizations which provide notes and softwares.

Dastudy, Accessible to All

People use Dastudy for self-education in different domains.

They opt for this platform because it is broad and has quality documentation provided by university lecturers and other professionals. The content is therefore diversified.

Also, the platform saves time spent in research and is free. All you have to do is download the documents and use them offline.

An Internationally Recognised Platform

The CEO of Dastudy, David Kenfack, says his platform has won many prizes including its selection amongst the six African projects to be supported by the International Organization of the La Francophonie.

This award came in because of Dastudy’s impact on French-speaking Africa during the COVID-19 period.

The platform carried content on sensitization during the pandemic.

Dastudy interacts with its audience on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Houna Mohamadou Habib (Intern)

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