GCE: 2022 Session Records Remarkable Improvement

The 2022 Session of the General Certificate of Education Examination (GCE) has recorded a considerable improvement according to statisitcs from the GCE Board.

Out of 167,977 candidates who sat for the 2022 session of the exam, 114,925 passed with a 70.2% pass rate.

This percentage is up by 7.49% for the 2021 session which stood at 62.75%.

For the Advanced Level this 2022, 61,553 sat the exam and 42,762 passed with a percentage pass pf 69.47%, an increase by 7.65% compared to last year which was 61.81%.

For the Ordinary Level session of 2022, out of 84,497 who sat for the exams, 56,621 passed. This gave a 67.01%, up from 59.05% in 2021. This is a 7.96% increase.

As for the technical section of the GCE, out of 13,425 candidates who sat for the Intermediate Level, 8,883 passed. This gave a percentage pass of 66.17%, up from 58.71% in 2021.

For the Technical Advanced Level, 8,502 sat for the exam. 6,659 passed giving a percentage pass of 78.32% as against 71.35% in 2021.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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